How to Guard your Outdoor Decorations and Prevent Sun Damage

After falling in love and talking myself into spending the “few” extra bucks on the quality Outdoor Decorations, I’m once again, throwing away my beloved Daisy Door Decoration (along with my $50) after just a few weeks of use.  You’re not the only one if this is you.

We take pride in our home, and invest lots of time and money into decorating for each season.  We love to entertain our family and friends, and we want our house to feel like a home to guests.  Today, we’re going to show you how to make their first impression be bright and colorful, instead of a dull one.

–  Clear Coat Finish (We recommend Krylon Outdoor Clear with Matte Finish or having The Heron Guard applied with your order)
–  Clean Damp Rag
–  Newspaper (optional)

Step 1
Use the clean rag to carefully remove the item from packaging without touching it with your fingers.  Place it on a newspaper or area you won’t mind getting overspray on.  Be sure there’s approximately 12-18″ of space on each side to account for overspray.

Spring Door Decoration

Step 2
Blow off any excess debris and gently wipe painted surface with clean damp cloth.  If item is glittered or has glittered areas, blot those areas only.  Let dry for approximately 10 minutes.

Step 3
Start at the top or bottom of the item, and begin spraying in a slow, sweeping motion from side to side, slightly overlapping each pass.  Remember to hold can approximately 12″ away to prevent paint from running. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Begin spraying another light coat in a perpendicular direction from the first coat to be sure all areas are protected.  Let cure overnight for best results.

The clear coat we used will last about 6 months, but it’s definitely worth spending a few minutes to do this before putting your item(s) out each season.

Bring Your Garden to Life

Our outdoor seasonal decor, and indoor pieces, already have dynamic three-dimensional texture and accents, but sometimes they need to be “brought to life” when you get them.  When your Great Heron order arrives, take a few minutes and put your special touch on it.  

Take these whimsical spring flowers with bees

They are hand painted in great detail but they are also have metal parts that can be bent and adjusted to add more dimension.

The bee can be moved to whatever directions and position looks best for the location you chose for your yard art…

The leaves can be bent forward or back or whichever you fancy.  And even the slits in the leaves can be manipulated for a more dynamic presence.  Check out the pictures for “how to”

The leaves will come flat and I have bent the front 2 forward and the one in the back is bent backward. They could have gone further but I leave that for you to decide.

Here you see, the slit in the leaf, how it would arrive, flat and maybe a little paint layer, but it can easily be separated.

Again with this movement, more can be done but I am using these in a small tabletop centerpiece.

As you can see, you can personalize your metal decorations to fit your style and chosen location.  If I was going to set these up against a a fence or brick wall then leaving them flat may look better, but in a garden or planter, making these pieces have a bigger presence is the way to go.  

Let us know if you have a question that you want answered and we’ll do our best to find the answer.  Happy Spring and Celebrate Every Season with The Great Heron.

Competitive Spirit

Devon and I don’t have any kids yet, but I do know a thing or two about keeping kids entertained. Five days a week I entertain/educate 40 nine and ten year olds.  It’s not easy keeping up with what will thrill your children each holiday from one year to the next. At 2, any lighted holiday display would bring your child to a point of excitement you’ve never seen. At age 4 making cookies with mom is an anecdote your child tells everyone who walks in the door during the whole month of December. And at age 3-8 or 9 the greatness of dipping white eggs in food coloring is thrilling.

By age 10 this thrill might be dissipating and the tradition you’ve treasured, the time and fun memory making are coming to an end.  Fear not, I have a great idea. This is right up my alley; I have a sometime scary but always fun, competitive spirit. My husband likes to make fun of me but I think it’s a healthy and normal attribute.  So, anyway, your little ones might be board with plain old died eggs but everyone at any age, likes a challenge!  Make an egg decorating contest the new tradition!  I mean go nuts with glitter, accessories, stickers, and of food coloring is still need.  When all the eggs are complete you can display them on our cute egg holders, to be judged.  We haven’t done this in our family but my sister-in-law, Sara, has a huge Easter celebration at their family lake house and each year the eggs get more extravigent and elaborate.  She’s shares my competitiveness and has taken home the Golden Egg(trophy) more than a few times.

Which Easter Family Tradition Do You Remember Most?


I’ve had 30+ Easters in my lifetime and we have had many traditions that have lasted a long time, well an appropriate amount of time for what ages my sister and me were. After all it would not have been appropriate to still be hunting easter eggs, wearing pajamas, in the front yard, when we were 14 and 17.

One tradition that continues is our family picture in the front yard before church. All dressed up in our Easter dresses and trying to find that patch of green grass, that survived the winter, to stand on. Instead of worrying about the lush garden that is sometimes still non-existent in late March or April, create a masterpiece with our unique easter garden accents.

No Need to Hide This Dog Treat Jar

For me and many of us, your dog isn’t just a dog, but your child.  Maybe your children have left the house or maybe you don’t have kids. For me, it’s the latter, so my babies are two very spoiled miniature dachshunds, Buddy and Caffrey.

Buddy and Caff

Buddy is the male and Caffrey the princess. Princess doesn’t walk on a leash and is scared of her own shadow. Of course, every holiday we have large metal outdoor decorations to put in the yard and you can’t find Caffrey anywhere till we’re done. The loud clangs of the metal on metal, send her running, but, oh how I love her!

Buddy is easy to love. He is friendly, entergetic when it’s appropriate, and down right lazy when you want him to be. He sleeps next to me back to back, curled up under his blanket, behind the legs of my husband or on his fancy bed.  His only fault, he is a runner, but he doesn’t get far. Bright yellow harness, microchip and a panicked mommy and daddy ensure we find him quickly.

Nothing but the best for my babies. They even have their own “tempurpedic” that rivals our bed. And of course they demand the best food and treats.  We have an adorable dog treat jar that can be personalized for your special babies.  With this cute dog treat jar, anyone who comes to your house will know your dogs are family members.

Tip:  Add a bow for an instant seasonal decoration!


Create a Colorful Easter Display Anywhere

A house is not a home with out a bright, colorful seasonal outdoor display. At least that is what I grew up with and expect when I go “home” for any holiday. But like most of my friend’s parents, mine are no longer in the home my sister and I grew up in. Of course, it’s only logical to down size as the kids grow and marry and the nest is emptied. But, does it then go that your decorations should be sacrificed? The size of our yard is less, so therefore the outdoor yard décor needs to go too? I think not!

Whether you find yourself in a smaller yard or no yard, a luxury condo or a townhome, you can still find a spot for your cute Easter garden accents or large Easter outdoor decor.

Take for example one of our favorites this year, our colorful Easter Eggs (Pictured Below).  You can create a beautiful display anywhere with these.  Each Egg has an easel back to sit on virtually any surface, a hook to hang on a wall or door, and also include a detachable stake for the perfect garden accent.

Wherever it may be, a home can be made with the same touches of fun you had when your kids were still-hunting Easter eggs.  Celebrate every season with The Great Heron.